Rewarding Consumers for their own healthcare data

Encouraging and incentivizing good healthcare habits, through rewards

Providing a window for new revenue and business models for other healthcare clients and partners

Helping create health and wellbeing crypto marketplaces

Opening the marketplace to Wellness and Vitality professionals

We tailor our VIC Rewards program to operate in token or coupon form to adhere to your demographic regulations.


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Value of VIC Rewards for Partners

Come and be a partner provider in our PHB Eco-System.

Come and market to our consumers – 270M in Indonesia alone.

More and more evidence world-wide clearly shows patient-centred care is beneficial for consumers, clinicians and the overall healthcare system.

VIC Rewards has designed a reward-based system operating on dClinic’s PHB Eco-System Smart Contracts, where the consumer and each Care Team stakeholder can be incentivized for contributing to the consumer’s healthcare outcomes. The native rewards in this ecosystem are in the form of VIC (Vitality Coin) which can be used for availing a host of services and benefits within the Eco-Systems.

The value is created through the VIC rewards and dClinic ecosystem with Partners including retail, hospitality, travel, tourism, hospitals, health insurers, and health and wellbeing organisations in the supplying of premium products and services to encourage and entice Consumers to participate and adhere to their vitality and healthcare plans set by their Care Teams.

This not only ensures VIC continues to remain validated and valuable and a viable source of trade into the future, but also aids in the evolution of health systems globally to assist Consumers to preventative health on their Journey to Vitality.

Partner with VIC Rewards

The VIC Rewards program (Vitality Coin Rewards), offers value incentives to consumers and caregivers for good health and wellbeing activities, and tasks, performed on a given vitality plan. Teaming with a variety of partners globally to offer an array of premium health, wellbeing, and lifestyle products and services.

At VIC Rewards, we know that value means different things to different people and that’s why we offer incentives in various styles, namely rewards redeemable in the form of tokens, vouchers, services and products. These tokens and vouchers can be used as trade commodity for products and services with VIC Rewards partners and other token traders within the VIC Rewards Eco-System.

Well-being as defined in the dictionary is; the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Defined by other health professionals as being the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity, including having good mental and emotional health and a sense of satisfaction in life. A sense of meaning or purpose with an ability to successfully overcome life’s stresses and traumas. Wellbeing or being well allows us to actually live life rather than exist.

We believe if you have the understanding, the tools and support, along with incentive, you can achieve any desired outcome. You can achieve your wellbeing and your vitality.

Our VIC Rewards partners are a major part of this. In the offering of education, services, products and competitive pricing, we can make the biggest difference to healthcare that we have seen to date.

We all know the benefits of good health and that it takes commitment and dedication to attain and maintain it and that is why we offer these great incentives to the consumer, but aside from how good it feels to make a difference, what is the attraction and benefits for providers that partner with VIC Rewards?

Partner Benefits- What’s in it for you?

Yearly Dividends

We want to reward our partners too, So, we pay yearly dividends based on VIC transaction volumes for your products and services.

Increase in Return for Repeat Customers

The more consumers or customers that participate and enjoy our partner experiences, the more tokens and coupons they will redeem. The more quality services they experience, the more incentive to return, and will encourage others to do the same.

dClinic Referral Customers

Our partners will benefit from the referrals of customers through the dClinic Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) portal and dClinic partner facilities. This can create a more regular flow of customers to engage and benefit from partner services and products.

Increased Loyalty with Existing Customers

The more the consumers enjoy the benefits of redeeming earned VIC Rewards tokens and coupons, the more they will participate, creating increase of existing customers. These benefits are quantified for the entire VIC Rewards ecosystem.

Repeat customers create higher value for VIC

The more VIC Rewards tokens and coupons being redeemed, the more consumers are working towards their health outcome goals and a healthier cleaner community, and the more VIC Rewards partners share in the dividends. This is turn gives the VIC (Vitality Coin) more attraction and more value as the demands increase.

Marketing to Valid Customer Base

Having your business name, product and service published alongside other premium partners of VIC Rewards offers more exposure to gain new customers and adds more value in the VIC Rewards ecosystem and in the community.

Promotion of your premium Products and Services

VIC Rewards wants our partners to get maximum exposure to successful trading. Being part of the VIC Rewards Partner eco-system, with recommendations and promotions of our partners premium products and services, consumers can be marketed to for particular product or services that they are seeking.

Marketing and Referrals

VIC Rewards offers incentives to our partners for promoting and referring customers to dClinic facilities and other partner services. We also offer individual and co-marketing opportunities for VIC Rewards partners for specific marketing promotions and events.

Quantified Feedback and Marketing Data

To help you grow and provide what customers are looking for. Support and communication of VIC Rewards based from feedback received from customers to better enhance your services and products and keep your offers at an optimum, as well as understanding the trends and habits of your customers.

Combined Promotions with Partners

Being a VIC Rewards partner gives the opportunity to combine individual business efforts and offers, with co promotions to enhance and entice existing and new customers to your door.

Partner Payment Clearing

Daily settlement of payments and Token distributions with VIC Rewards Partners.

Create Brand Advocates

Build your customer base of brand advocates. These are the customers referring your store, service or product to their friends, family and if they are on social media, their followers. These can be the most valuable customers that actually help you generate sales.

Create your own rewards


What type of partner and why?

We are collaborating with Partners, that offer premium services and products, to deliver the best opportunities to help consumers reach their healthcare goals. These are predominantly health and wellness related services and associated, accommodation, travel, consumables, products and dining as well as engaging with fun activity partners to keep consumers and their families healthy out on the social scene.

Our VIC Rewards program is a customer loyalty program based on multi- token blockchain which offers near to instantly credited reward points to consumers upon purchase and usage of our partners’ products and services.

Being a part of the VIC Rewards eco-system calls for Partners that have desire to bring their best quality to consumers and want to work collaboratively alongside other VIC Rewards Partners to make a difference.

Tokens (VIC Rewards and other eco-system provider tokens) accumulated can then be redeemed for a variety of reward options by adding new vendors into the eco-system. With the integration of wearable technology, wellness services, and data collection through dClinic’s PHB (private Healthcare Blockchain), it is easier than ever for consumers to achieve their healthcare outcomes and collect rewards.

Being a part of the eco-system offers VIC Rewards Partners the opportunity to be leaders in the new wave of healthcare and wellness that is the way of the future. Being recognised as a partner for premium services and products and working collaboratively alongside other VIC Rewards Partners will bring a continued stream of repeat clientele for both medical tourism and local business.

Competition, incentives, and achievement rewards can make this program even more favourable, and engaging. And with more VIC Rewards to spend on quality products and services, Consumers have every reason to participate and adhere to their health and vitality care plans. Here are a few examples of tasks and activities that could be included in a given vitality plan that can earn rewards within the VIC Rewards program;

  1. Run three kms every day for one month.
  2. Take 3000 steps daily for 7 days.
  3. Upload a selfie with exercise equipment after reducing 5kgs.
  4. Complete nutritional online assessment.
  5. Attend preventative check-ups and evaluation.

With simple task like this, Consumers can easily stay on track with their health and vitality goals and be rewarded for doing so, giving them plenty of VIC rewards in the form of tokens and vouchers to spend on VIC Rewards Partners services and products.

Who are we looking to partner? If you have a business big or small that offers premium services and products such as Yoga and Pilates, Fitness training, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, or if you have specialist services such as IVF or other clinical services, you are important to our eco-system. If you offer Speech Therapy, Optometry, Dental Services, Massage Therapy, your services are also paramount. We are also partnering with Travel specialists and International Resort packages to offer our consumers a global choice. If you are a Local Wholefood Provider, Health food Company, or Local Café Operator, or offer community entertainment we welcome you to this global platform where you can increase your customer reach as well as gain more repeat existing customers to your business.

We are currently in negotiations with several specialty services (local and global) to solidify this product and give us the power to deliver the best VIC Rewards Program to consumers, to enhance their Journey to Vitality and bring about a healthcare system that is preventative focused in the future.

Join the Wave and Become a VIC Reward Partner

This will be a relatively simple process which includes KYC (Know Your Customer) to validate and support your services and products to satisfy local and legal regulatory requirement.

Wellness & Vitality Services

Find new customers or reward your existing ones, VIC Rewards provides a powerful blockchain platform for our premium partners to engage their members.

The VIC Rewards eco system of partners ideally will be of the health and wellbeing sector. Ranging from Wellness, Beauty, Anti-Aging, and Wellbeing with offerings through Fitness Clubs, Social Outdoor Fun Activities and Parks, Clinical and Hospital specialists and professionals. Also travel and accommodation partners need to play a large role as the medical tourism market has high demand. Consumables of fresh produce, home and garden products and other consumables related to health and wellness have a large demand to fill.

Some examples of services and products offered through our VIC Rewards partners that will set the new health standards for consumers and caregivers to get more out of life through token-based rewards.

VIC Rewards and our Partnership with dClinic

dClinic is a Singaporean based organisation created by experts in Clinical, Wellness and Blockchain, who have come together from across the globe to bring a new wave of Vitality and Care to Consumers and Care Professionals.

We have sourced our team carefully and our team individually and together have many years of experience in the Blockchain space, Healthcare sector, Wellness arena, and also in loyalty and rewards programs and of course we are all consumers so we understand the strengths, weakness’ and the demands on the healthcare system that are at the forefront of the industry today.

Seeing the crisis of healthcare systems around the world, we know that unless something is done differently, the huge spend will continue, patient outcomes will be secondary, and the overall result will be much of the same.

Recognising the limitations of current healthcare systems, dClinic has created a solution that is a powered by a dedicated Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) used to power Holistic Healthcare, Wellness and Vitality journeys from infant to elderly and beyond. dClinic’s revolutionary PHB will help drive and deliver real positive healthcare outcomes not just for Consumers, but for health and wellbeing care teams, organisations and governments.

With this vast knowledge and experience we also recognise that Consumers need incentive and encouragement to stick to their healthcare plans and support to achieve their health and wellbeing goals so we, the team at dClinic have come together to create a rewards program product, leveraging the dClinic PHB that will reward Consumers with coins/ tokens called VIC (Vitality Coin), that consumers can reinvest into their health and lifestyle by purchasing services, products and programs, including visits to partner facilities within the eco-system.

Simply, dClinic wants to reward Consumers for their participation in, and their adherence to, their vitality and care plans, and care team member’s advice, and that’s why we created VIC Rewards!

Medical and Wellness Tourism

Wellness is the new global wave. Today, recent reports are showing both the medical and wellness tourism industries are multi-billion-dollar industries, and this is growing at a rapid rate. Wellness tourism accounts for about 14% ($438.6 billion) of all domestic and international tourism expenditures. Consumers want better health and vitality and they want to know that they are important, and they are willing to travel to get the best.

With VIC Rewards we tie together the combination of travel to premier destinations and premium services and products with first class partners across the health and wellness space including health insurers, hospitals, privatised specialist clinics and professionals, accommodation and consumables. With these on offer, people from across the globe are enticed and excited by the quality and variety of treatments and the optimal service, giving them the opportunity to de-stress, gain their medical and holistic treatments and bring about wellness and vitality into their journey, and on top of that be rewarded for participating with dClinic, VIC Rewards and Premium Partners Services.

There’s plenty of reason for Consumers to look after their health and to join the journey of wellness travel. Increased rewards equal higher customer value. By increasing the level of rewards, customers will find these programs more valuable, providing a win-win for both business’ and customers.