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VIC Rewards and XcelTrip set to redefine the Global Wellness and Vitality e-Commerce Marketspace

VIC Rewards and XcelTrip, partner to initially raise the stakes in the ASEAN, Indian and Korean Wellness and Vitality e-Commerce marketspace before taking on the global Medical Tourism marketplace.

XcelTrip already has an impressive e-Commerce offering with over 2.4 million hotels and 450+ flights worldwide. VIC Rewards is also building a huge presence in the ASEAN region through their VIC Marketplace with a predicted 500+ Merchants in 2021 specifically in the Wellness, Well-being, Anti-Ageing and Vitality products and services.

VIC Rewards and XcelTrip combined have a community that is already well over 750,000 and steadily growing. I WANT, I OWN, I USE MY VIC !!!


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VIC Marketplace Products

We are negotiating with quality provider partners and we will be adding these products and services to our VIC+ Marketplace with some available from August 2020.

  *Open from August 2020

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