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The revolutionary way of rewarding consumers for preventative healthcare for a brave new world.

The VIC Rewards Program has been established to incentivise the consumer (that’s you), and your team of care givers (or care team members) to participate in, and adhere to, a given vitality plan which results in better health for consumers along with rewards, in token form, back in the consumer’s wallet. In simple terms we are rewarding consumers for their own healthcare data. This means the more you stick to your care team members advice, the more health goals you will achieve and will be rewarded for doing so.

Whether the care team member is a clinical specialist, therapist, wellness or fitness professional, or even a family member, they are all a part of a consumer’s health or vitality care team, and we believe they should be rewarded too for doing their part in keeping the consumer (yes you) at your optimum health.

Communication with care team members can occur through the VIC Rewards Care Team dApp and will help consumers stay on track with their vitality and care plan to ensure these healthcare goals are achieved. Having the consumer at the centre of their vitality and care plan means each care team member is working towards the best healthcare outcome for you. Having a care team working together to support you, whether it is one or many can only mean better health for you.

By rewarding consumers and their care team members, VIC rewards can drive positive healthcare outcomes and help reduce healthcare costs for Governments and healthcare organisations and this can result in savings being passed down which is good news to consumers.

We are collaborating with a variety of partners so consumers will have access to quality services, products and goods and a premium range of health and wellness benefits, such as beauty, anti-aging, wellbeing and clinical (yoga sessions, local fresh foods and other wellness consumables, different types of clinical therapies and specialists, and much more so the rewards you earn can be benefitting you in your everyday wellbeing and life.

So, get involved, and you can be rewarded for your healthcare so you can get on with living your best life.

“Our goal is to put the health data ownership and rewards back into your wallet”

How it Works

VIC (vitality coin) are a form of cryptocurrency/token that is created and managed through the use of advanced encryption techniques known as cryptography.

These tokens are stored as trade currency in a crypto wallet that we call VIC wallet and can be traded by consumers for other tokens, or for services and products within the VIC Rewards eco-system which consists of partners and other token currency traders.

We believe that crypto wallets and crypto trading can only be achieved effectively for healthcare consumers on a public blockchain in an eco-system such as the VIC Rewards model.

For the consumer, you will earn VIC Rewards for participating in activities suggested to you by your online surveys and assessments and given to you by your healthcare specialists to support your healthcare outcome. Examples of such tasks may be:

  1. Doing daily exercise for 30 minutes, 3 days per week
  2. Having your annual health check
  3. Keeping up with vaccinations
  4. Eating more fresh nutritious food
  5. Cut back or quit smoking cigarettes
  6. Filling out online follow up self-assessment

So how do you get rewards? A scenario would be, that you (the consumer) do your exercise daily as part of your care plan tasks and activities. Once the task is done, the smart contract notifies the VIC (Vitality coin/token) on the public blockchain and the reward is activated.

Another example of how this reward program works would be when you fly, your airline ticket is private and only known to you because it contains private information like your passport number. After you fly, you receive reward points and these points allow you to buy goods and services such as wine or accommodation etc, so these points are public. The two data blocks are separate but connected because the rewards feed off the private flight data. The “smart contract” in this scenario is “you complete the flight so points can be rewarded”

Now, as a consumer, the more you work towards your health goals with your nominated care team, the more VIC Rewards you will earn, which you can then use to purchase more health and wellness services and products from our VIC Rewards Partners, to benefit your Journey to Vitality.

The types of services and products you can expect to see on offer in our marketplace will come from a large variety of businesses that will offer you everyday services and products to assist you in living a better and healthier lifestyle from clinical and wellness services, travel, accommodation, health consumables, along with services from our facility partners. for example you may wish to use your VIC Rewards to purchase a spa treatment in full, a specialized clinical visit, or you may wish to spend some of your VIC Rewards towards accommodation with a VIC Rewards Partner if you are having health and wellness treatment at a participating facility nearby. There are multiple ways you can utilize your spend of VIC Rewards, but each way will still be a step toward a better, healthier you.

Who Can Get VIC Rewards?

Consumer Rewards

If the Consumer participates in and adheres to their vitality plan created by their care team members, including but not limited to, health tasks, surveys and self-assessments, then they will be rewarded in VIC (vitality coins). For example, if the Consumer takes their medications on time and reports diligently their medications intake, then they can be rewarded. Another example may be that the Consumer tasks could also be connected to Consumer wearable device information being collected, such as a step counter or fitbit.

Consumer and Provider Rewards

If the Consumer forgets to complete a set task, for example, they forget to do scheduled daily exercise, any approved member of the Consumer’s Care Team can remind the Consumer to do so. If the task is completed, then the Consumer and their responsible Care Team member will receive VIC Rewards. Family members and wellbeing professionals can also be considered part of the Care Team and benefit from such a system.

Referred Provider Rewards

For every (electronic or other) referral that makes a difference to the Consumer in terms of their participation in and adherence to, their Vitality plan, the referrer will receive VIC (vitality coins) as a reward. This means Insurance and Pharmaceutical Companies can also issue VIC Rewards.

Organizations funding healthcare using alerts and notifications for better or alternative treatments, new programs and patient engagement surveys can make a difference to the Consumers’ journey and the overall healthcare system.

If the consumer takes up the alternatives, then they can be rewarded with VIC (vitality coins), sponsored by the respective organizations. Organizations can use these interactions via the PHB (Private Healthcare Blockchain), to drive better healthcare outcomes.

VIC Rewards Partners

We want to deliver you the consumer, the best quality products and services through the VIC rewards program, so we are partnering with premier business operators both locally and globally as well as online, to assist in your healthcare outcomes. These will be health and wellness related services, products and education such as;

  1. accommodation
  2. travel
  3. consumables
  4. health and fitness products
  5. dining as well as
  6. lifestyle activity

We anticipate this marketplace will enhance and support the full journey to vitality to keep you and your family healthy out on the social scene. We are currently in negotiations to bring you the best VIC Rewards Partners to enhance your health and wellbeing Journey.

VIC Rewards App

The VIC Rewards APP is designed for ease of use. As a consumer you can see your VIC (vitality coin) balance, access your wallet to browse and trade your tokens with other token currency traders in the marketplace and keep track of your vitality and care plan whilst you communicate with your care team members. It’s simple, convenient and is developed for you (the consumer) to get more out of life.

This is where you, as a consumer, get to shop in the VIC Rewards marketplace. To spend your VIC in whole or part for goods and services, or even trade it with other token traders within the VIC Rewards Eco-System.

The VIC Rewards App and VIC Rewards Wallet will be released in Q1 2022.


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