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Update: VIC token will be available on Coinsbit on 01.11.2021!

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VIC Rewards, a product of dClinic, leverages PHB Eco-Systems.

The VIC Rewards program is driven by Smart Contracts, based on the dClinic dedicated private healthcare blockchain (PHB), and will provide a Vitality Coin (“VIC”) as part of its loyalty program for consumers, care team members and providers. These VIC Rewards or cryptocurrency tokens are earned through conformance with an agreed vitality or care plan and can be exchanged for services and products within the VIC Rewards and dClinic eco system.

Formulated on the premise where the consumer and each care team member can be incentivized for contributing to the consumer’s better healthcare outcomes through participation in and completing of tasks and activities set to a given vitality or care plan.

VIC (vitality coin) will be the default and reliable Utility Token in the PHB Eco-Systems. VIC Rewards is linked to, and will leverage the successful PHB Eco-System model of dClinic.

*Note: The Issuer (dClinic and VIC Rewards) is not obliged to buy-back Tokens from the consumer at any time and the Issuer is not indebted to the holder of the Token to pay back the Token holder any amount for the Tokens. The Scheme is strictly a discretionary scheme at the option of the Issuer and will be evaluated each year.

Investor Returns

As an Investor, how do I profit from VIC Rewards Token?

  1. VIC Rewards will be used for part of or wholly for products and services in the PHB Eco-System Marketplaces.
  2. Products and Services will be charged for a certain number of VIC regardless of the daily value of the VIC. This creates true utility through stability of currency value for the VIC.
  3. VIC will be the default and reliable Utility Token in the PHB Eco-Systems. VIC will leverage dClinic’s success. VIC is linked to a successful business and business model.
  4. VIC will have huge exposure through the PHB Eco-System and clients. VIC will not be an obscure token, rather, VIC will be pervasive.
  5. VIC will be listed and managed only on reputable exchanges where the PHB ECO-System is implemented (ASEAN region first where there are a huge number of crypto traders).
  6. VIC can be traded with other PHB Eco-System Utility Tokens. Other approved healthcare tokens will be invited into the PHB Eco-System.
  7. Q4 of every year VIC Rewards will buy back a percentage of the VIC in the marketplace giving all investors the opportunity to cash out of some or all of their VIC.
  8. VIC Rewards' future plan is to be a publicly listed company, and all investors in VIC Rewards will be offered added buy back benefits. These additional benefits will be declared on the VIC Rewards website at the time of public listing.

Trade with Us

Other Tokens can be created and traded with the VIC

Third-party providers can not only provide their dApps to consumers and care team providers on the PHB, but they can also create their own reward tokens or health coins.

This will also lead to the PHB being the preferred platform globally for health systems to promote good health practices and to track healthcare progress through unidentified data.

Having an eco-system of healthcare tokens linked to services and products will extend the reach to a far wider community and could enable the further evolution of pharmaceuticals, clinical trials and healthcare.

VIC is a utility token and NOT a security token

Depending on the value of the VIC at the time of exchange or redemption, equivalent service offering and/or products can be redeemed and/or purchased. The value of the VIC will be displayed in real-time on the VIC Rewards app and in the consumers VIC Wallet within the app.

Other Health Coins can also be exchanged for VIC and visa-versa. When third-party app designers wish to integrate into the PHB, their health coin, provided it is listed on recognized exchanges, will be evaluated by VIC Rewards and an exchange rate established to allow full interoperability between VIC and the third-party coin.

As the PHB is adopted world-wide, creating new and larger Eco-Systems, we anticipate VIC Rewards could become the default global healthcare loyalty program for all consumers. In the foreseeable future, we will open the PHB to be mined by providers and the ultimate goal further ahead will be to create a Universal Medical Blockchain (UMB) globally.

VIC Rewards’ future plan is to be a publicly listed company, and all investors in VIC Rewards will be offered added buy back benefits. These additional benefits will be declared on the VIC Rewards website at the time of public listing.

VIC Listing

VIC (Vitality coins) will be listed on a number of major quality exchanges, starting within the ASEAN region. VIC Rewards, together with its significant partnerships, will help drive the value of VIC globally.

Further information on listing date and exchanges will be posted on this website prior to listing, and promoted through the listing exchanges at the time of public listing.


Investors looking to purchase VIC (vitality coins) or tokens will have to satisfy certain KYC (Know Your Customer) standards to be eligible to buy coins in the business. Their identity and documents verification will be governed by the Smart Contract, ensuring legality while maintaining ease-of-use. This provides protection from fraud and losses due to illegal funds and transactions and offers peace of mind to our VIC Investors and associated partners.

As our commitment and transparency to our valued investors, our VIC Rewards website and our Smart Contracts have been audited externally.

Our Ratings

VIC Rewards rating
VIC Rewards ICO Rating
VIC Rewards rating
VIC Rewards rating

VIC Rewards Token Distribution

dClinic have employed independent auditors and legal team to ensure Quality Assurance for our VIC Rewards, Smart Contracts, Website and Listing.


Our Global Community

Over 170K Members

We care about our community, we understand that our community is linked to our success as we are all consumers and have a fundamental need to have good health, wellbeing and vitality to live a quality of life. We support and are proud of the growth and sustainability that we have achieved in our community over the past months.

Join our community here:

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The VIC Rewards team have worked hard to meet the milestones already achieved. We are continuing to upgrade and meet our milestones throughout our roadmap, and we invite you to accompany us as we travel.

Note: Whilst we continue to strive to achieve our best and desired milestones, some of these milestone deadlines may vary due to the effects of COVID-19 globally.

VIC Rewards App

The VIC Rewards App has been designed with full transparency in mind for the consumer. Just as a consumer has visual connection with their bank account, and they can see increase and decrease of funds and pending activities, we have chosen the same visual with our VIC Rewards app. We want consumers to be excited and motivated by having access to their healthcare task rewards to increase the participation in, and continued adherence, to their healthcare and vitality plans. This gives new meaning to a healthcare app which might ordinarily sit dormant for months or years. Giving value to an individual’s healthcare is a great incentive for consumers to participate in token rewards through our VIC Rewards app.

With the successful roll out of VIC Token Rewards, it can encourage other PHB clients to create and build valuable utility tokens that consumers could also trade VIC (Vitality Coins) with, for other provider, products and services.

The Consumer will be able to connect to, and see what’s in their VIC Wallet, (Vitality Coin Wallet). They will be able to transfer tokens and coins as they take advantage of what’s offered in the marketplace by VIC Rewards Partners. Also allowing them to connect to regular health and wellbeing hot offers across the participating demographics and enjoy the local product and services.

Consumers can also use the VIC Chat that keeps them connected with their team of health and wellbeing specialists and carers who can assist them with attaining their health goals.

Having access to health and wellbeing transactions in one place is easy, convenient, and incentive for consumers to keep using and earning VIC Rewards so they can enjoy more vitality in life.

In addition, the VIC Rewards App, administration assistant will help keep basic consumer information updated so they can continue to receive all the rewards earnt. This is also a major cost saver in the administration area to healthcare providers, insurance organisations, and governments alike.

The VIC Rewards App and VIC Rewards Wallet will be released in Q1 2022.

Our Wallet

The VIC Rewards wallet will be where you can purchase, store, view and trade your various VIC (vitality coins) tokens along with tokens from other exchanges. Registering with the simple but effective KYC (know your customer) process gives you peace of mind that your investment is safe and secure. This system will also be the way of verifying payouts as you redeem your points on a daily basis.

Why VIC Rewards Wallet?

We are creating a sustainable omni channel eco-system reward program, based on a multi- token public healthcare blockchain.

The economic implications of chronic and acute diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, obesity and mental health issues is staggering, and only continuing to increase.

Whilst governments continue to increase the total public health expenditure, consumers around the globe are paying the price, with higher contributions to health and life insurance, higher copays and deductibles, reduction or elimination of coverage, and trade-offs of insurance benefits against wage or salary increases.

We believe governments, healthcare organisations, and insurance companies can promote wellness and vitality programs to consumers by making them easily available and encouraging participation through a rewards or loyalty program.

Research is showing that significant savings can be achieved throughout the industry within as little as 12-18 months with implementing a wellness and vitality program based on rewarding consumers for their participation and adherence. Beyond cost savings and increased productivity, employers are also realizing the value of an employee’s total output by keeping their staff healthy.

For the consumer, the value speaks for itself, as they participate and adhere to their health and vitality plan, they earn more VIC Rewards that they can then use to buy or trade for services, and products from VIC Rewards Partners. By participating, either by purchasing or earning VIC Rewards, the consumer holds precious investment in their token wallet. Tradeable tokens and dollars that will only increase in value as the demand for VIC tokens increases.

Tokens tradeable with other exchanges provides a perfect window to help create more healthcare crypto business traders, and also creates an avenue for new revenue and business models for other healthcare providers.

By buying tokens and investing in VIC Rewards, you increase the demand for VIC, and as we increase our partnerships in VIC Rewards, your VIC dollars and tokens will hold even more value. Having tokens trading in a multi token blockchain becomes even more attractive and incentivised with integration of wearable technology, wellness services, and data collection on dClinic’s PHB, making attaining wellness and vitality rewards easier than ever. It makes sense to invest in your wallet as well as your health.

We will always work in the best interests of VIC Rewards investors to provide benefits and rewards to improve the value of the vitality coin “VIC”.

All benefits, rewards, services and products will be listed and updated regularly on the VIC Rewards website and management will continue to refine its VIC Rewards Program over time to ensure real value and rewards are always being offered to all VIC Rewards investors, and coin and token holders. An example of this is, dClinic is anticipating offering the VIC Rewards program to hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide.

Our vision: VIC Rewards will be recognised internationally as a universal payment modality for medical services, across the globe. Any hospital, healthcare facility or care provider that accepts VIC Rewards coins or tokens, can operate in the eco system and trade tokens and coins for products and services.

How to Buy VIC Tokens

It’s a relatively simple procedure to register and invest in “VIC Rewards” through the registration and KYC (Know Your Customer) process shown below. The VIC Rewards website will post regular updates on listing dates and listing partners, or you can send us your details here and we will contact you personally to ensure you won’t miss the deadline and opportunity when we list.