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Update: VIC token will be available on Coinsbit on 01.11.2021!

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VIC is now Binance Smart Chain enabled

After our Ethereum launch of VIC, and as a part of technology upgrade, VIC is now Binance Smart Chain (BSC) enabled. VIC, a dClinic cryptocurrency project, give Consumers and their Care Team Members the opportunity to buy, earn and then use their Vitality (VIC) Rewards. Read more...

Major Indonesian Investor backs The VIC Loyalty Program

dClinic is developing three major business streams in Indonesia and APAC region, primarily focusing on establishing dClinic ASEAN BIOTECH HUB, dClinic Indonesia Vitality Services and our VIC Loyalty Program. Read more...

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Breaking News - IEO is open !

Invest now in the World’s first dedicated Healthcare Blockchain company.

Due to the overall success of dClinic, the world’s first Private Healthcare Blockchain Company, the recent Biotech contracts won by dClinic and the partnership announcements with XCELTRIP and VIC rewards, we are excited to announce the first IEO round private sale release of VIC Rewards Tokens (VIC).

We are anticipating that the Private Sale will sell out within 7-14 days.

Please be aware that we have only released a limited number of tokens for this round at $0.10 per VIC.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be one of the early investors in the world’s first Dedicated Healthcare Blockchain Company offering the only Blockchain and Sustainability solution for healthcare globally.

Sign up today at LAToken -

Buy Direct from VIC Rewards -

Korean Investors Signup at ChainX

A dedicated Healthcare Blockchain that integrates Healthcare Systems, Clinics and Hospital Assets with a Revolutionary Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) for the secure, transparent delivery of Healthcare, Wellness and Vitality Services, promoting Evidence-based Positive Healthcare Outcomes.

More about dClinic

dClinic launches its new product, VIC Rewards, a true Utility Token

VIC Rewards is a rewards loyalty program product based on a true utility token (VIC – Vitality Coin) and is created by dClinic to operate on its Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) Eco-Systems worldwide.

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VIC Rewards and XcelTrip set to redefine the Global Wellness and Vitality e-Commerce Marketspace

VIC Rewards and XcelTrip, partner to initially raise the stakes in the ASEAN, Indian and Korean Wellness and Vitality e-Commerce marketspace before taking on the global Medical Tourism marketplace.

XcelTrip already has an impressive e-Commerce offering with over 2.4 million hotels and 450+ flights worldwide. VIC Rewards is also building a huge presence in the ASEAN region through their VIC Marketplace with a predicted 500+ Merchants in 2021 specifically in the Wellness, Well-being, Anti-Ageing and Vitality products and services.

VIC Rewards and XcelTrip combined have a community that is already well over 750,000 and steadily growing. I WANT, I OWN, I USE MY VIC !!!

VIC Rewards & XcelTrip Bring Blockchain-enabled Vitality Package.

Current Token Stage

Earn Rewards from your Healthcare!

The World's First Marketplace driven by your Healthcare Rewards!

VIC Rewards is a loyalty program based on a Utility Token “VIC” (Vitality Coin).

We are the World's First Dedicated Healthcare Blockchain Company to offer Loyalty Rewards to Consumers and Care Providers for participating in and following their health and well-being care plans to VITALITY, and to provide consumers a MARKETPLACE where VIC (earned or bought) is used to purchase health and wellness products and services for better quality of life. "VIC Marketplace" IS where your VIC (and Health) has Value!

VIC Rewards on blockchain means;

  1. @UtilizeVIC using your VIC to buy healthcare, wellness and well-being products and services in our VIC Marketplace with quality merchants.
  2. @OptionVIC to trade with other approved healthcare tokens extending the utility value of your token!
  3. @ValueVIC with the option to participate in our yearly buy-back options (T&Cs apply).
  4. We want you saying, I WANT, I OWN, I USE MY VIC!

Our Global Community

Over 170K Members

We care about our community, we understand that our community is linked to our success as we are all consumers and have a fundamental need to have good health, wellbeing and vitality to live a quality of life. We support and are proud of the growth and sustainability that we have achieved in our community over the past months.

Join our community here:

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