dClinic launches its new product, VIC Rewards, a true Utility Token

VIC Rewards is a rewards loyalty program product based on a true utility token (VIC – Vitality Coin) and is created by dClinic to operate on its Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB) Eco-Systems worldwide.

Who and what is dClinic and the relationship to VIC Rewards?

dClinic is a Blockchain Technology Company promoting its dedicated universal medical blockchain that allows Application and Healthcare System providers to provide and integrate dApps which principally promote, “Patient Centric”, healthcare and wellness services within dClinic’s highly interoperable ecosystems. Based on dClinic’s dedicated Private Healthcare Blockchain (PHB), which ensures and promotes genuine transparent, secure and full auditable holistic healthcare interactions between consumers (patients) and their care team members.

The PHB promotes traditional healthcare interactions as well as wellness, well-being, anti-ageing, beauty and vitality services. dClinic achieves insights into all these valuable healthcare transactions through the use of its dedicated private healthcare blockchain platform (PHB), where information between providers and consumers (who are sometimes patients), is delivered completely, securely and in real-time.

dClinic has started implementing its PHB Eco-Systems in the ASEAN region and will soon move to other parts of the world. These PHB Eco-Systems are rich in partners, integrators and systems. With all these valuable interactions occurring within these PHB Eco-Systems, dClinic saw the opportunity to enrich the users, such as consumers and care team members, by launching its own true utility token called VIC (Vitality Coin).

The aim of this VIC is to reward the users and hence the product was named, VIC Rewards. These VIC Rewards are true utility tokens and valuable as they can be used for products and services within the PHB Eco-Systems, and since the Eco-Systems will have many (service and product) partners, the VIC Rewards can be used across many products and services.

So, in summary;

  1. dClinic is a Blockchain Technology company creating PHB Eco-Systems worldwide.
  2. dClinic has created and is now releasing a true utility token product leveraging the PHB Eco-Systems called VIC Rewards.
  3. VIC Rewards can be used for partner Products and Services within the PHB Eco-System.
  4. The VIC Rewards will operate on a Public Blockchain (initially ERC-20) while the PHB will be a Private Healthcare Blockchain.
  5. The Private and Public Blockchains will have strong co-dependency on each other. They each need the other.
  6. The more the PHB Eco-Systems grow the greater the value of the VIC Rewards.